Finding Strength in Dangerous Times

Best selling author Peter Breggin's new book, Wow, I'm An American! How to Live Like Our Nation's Heroic Founders is an instructive and inspiring examination of our nation's founders, their values, principles, habits and experiences. How do the values of the Founders and our brilliant Founding documents apply to our lives today?  How can we strengthen ourselves, our families, our communities and our nation by applying the basic values and principles of the brave men and women who gave birth to America.
At a time when the values of the Founding Mothers and Fathers are threatened as never before, Wow, I’m an American! revitalizes the American spirit.

No other book so imaginatively captures the essence of what makes America great, while showing how to apply these principles to living our everyday lives. A resource for those of us who want to share our values with upcoming generations while reaffirming for ourselves what America really stands for—freedom and responsibility under God! 

Written in the spirit that simplicity is the test of truth and usefulness, Dr. Breggin’s words can inspire the entire family to understand and to live like our Founding heroes.


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Finding Inspiration in One Man's Work

The Conscience of Psychiatry: The Reform Work of Peter R. Breggin, MD is a biographical tribute to Dr. Breggin’s professional career that draws on more than fifty years of media excerpts and more than seventy new contributions from professionals in the field. The result is not only the story of his principled, courageous confrontations with organized psychiatry, drug companies, and government agencies—it is also a probing critique of the psychopharmaceutical complex. 

The story spans more than five decades starting in college (1954-1958) when Dr. Breggin was a Harvard undergraduate student leading an innovative mental hospital volunteer program that drew national media attention and professional praise. It takes us through his successful opposition to the return of lobotomy and psychosurgery in the 1970s, his equally successful opposition to racist psychiatric federal programs in the 1990s, and on to his continuing efforts to protect children and adults from electroshock treatment and the excesses of psychiatric diagnosis and drugs. 

We see Dr. Breggin triumph when under attack from organized medicine, the pharmaceutical industry, and leaders in the field of psychiatry whose power and veracity he has successfully challenged. It demonstrates how many of his once radical critiques of the pseudoscience of biological psychiatry have now become accepted facts and truths. 

Finally, The Conscience of Psychiatry describes his approach to empathic, principled therapy. It’s an inspiring story of how one man stood alone for decades and led in the creation of a movement that has become a liberating force for millions of children and adults who might otherwise have suffered at the hands of involuntary treatment, lobotomy, electroshock, and psychiatric drugs. 


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